Track Engagement of Your Employee Wellbeing Benefits: New Features on Juno

Introducing the Bespoke Engagement Reporting, Internal Communication Support, and Dedicated Account Manager features on Juno*.

We understand how important it is to see how your team is engaging with your benefits, which is why Juno provides you with a detailed report on your team's engagement and interests straight to your inbox, as well as a dedicated account manager to accompany you every step of the way throughout your experience on Juno, from onboarding sessions to regular check-ins.

Understanding your team’s engagement and interests can also inform other parts of your business such as where you invest more of your budget and time. For example, learning about your team’s interests might lead you to further invest in mental health solutions or plan company retreats.

*on the Juno Premium Plan.

Since Juno began, we’ve spoken to hundreds of HR professionals about the difficulties that come when boosting employee wellbeing.

Aside from the fact that they often struggle to implement an effective employee benefits package in the first place, they often find that once they have one, they don’t know how to see how well it’s performing or whether it’s actually making a difference to the wellbeing of their team.

Whether you’re trying to look at metrics with very little data, doing surveys with your team, or attempting to manually collect data from multiple platforms, we’re here to help take all of that stress and wasted time away, providing you with effective data and engagement information with our new features.

Without Tracking The Data of Your Employee Benefits, You Can’t Measure Your Employee Wellbeing

To properly measure anything in your company, you need to gather data, and therefore if you’re trying to measure or justify your company’s employee wellbeing programme by looking at the effect it has, it’s essential to have the relevant data to hand.

Why Is Measuring Employee Wellbeing So Important?

76% of employees (as found in our Workplace Culture Study) said that they consider leaving their jobs due to poor workplace culture, if you are not focusing on providing a workplace that focuses on employee wellbeing, it’s clear that your retention rate will decrease and you also won’t be attracting the best talent.

Therefore, it’s important to understand how well your company is doing at employee wellbeing, both to ensure you’re keeping your existing employees happy and retaining them and so that can show prospective employees that you are a wellbeing-focused company that they should want to work for.

Additionally, when it comes to actually implementing an employee wellbeing programme or providing wellbeing benefits, it’s vital to measure the impact that it has on your employee’s wellbeing so that you can see if what you’re doing is as effective and impactful as you hope it will be.

If you want to know how you can measure the employee wellbeing of your company using 3 simple-to-measure metrics, click to download our free guide here.

How We Help You Track Your Employee Wellbeing on Juno: Data Reporting and Dedicated Support

‍Bespoke Engagement Reporting And Internal Communication Support

We understand that you want to see how your team are engaging with the wellbeing programme you’re offering them and more precisely, to what extent they are using their wellbeing allowance.

Once you have this data, you can then more accurately measure the level of employee wellbeing in your organisation and see how the benefits you’re providing are actually impacting your team (for example, productivity is increasing, stress levels are lower, etc).

Therefore, this is exactly why with Juno, we provide you with a detailed report on your team's engagement and interests straight to your inbox - we’re gathering the data so you don’t have to!

Dedicated Account Manager

Throughout your experience with Juno, you will have a dedicated account manager (one of our Employee Wellbeing Experts) to help you with any queries or support needs that you have.

They accompany you every step of the way, from onboarding sessions to regular check-ins. So, anything you need to know or want to get information on - we’ve got you covered!

Employee Wellbeing Data and Support, Straight To Your Inbox

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