What Do Employees Want For Christmas? The Best Employee Gift Idea

Christmas is right around the corner, and for many companies, this is the time to think about bonuses, gifts, and rewards for their employees. Unlike previous years, with slashed budgets and employees feeling more of the squeeze, traditional bonuses and gifts without purpose aren’t the best options.

This year, you need to be focusing on giving your employees a gift that they truly need - one that supports their wellbeing in any way they choose.

As a business owner or HR leader, you want to give your employees a gift that truly benefits their life or a bonus that will be spent wisely and genuinely impact their happiness and wellbeing.

But, with all of us enjoying different gifts and having unique ideas about what wellbeing means to us, what can you get for your varied team?

Well, personalisation is absolutely key when it comes to giving employees Christmas gifts and in this article, we’re going to not only take a look at why a “one-size-fits-all” method doesn’t work when it comes to Christmas bonuses and gifts, but also tell you exactly how you can give each of your employees what they want, without the need to shop at 100+ different stores.

Do Employees Want Christmas Gifts?

For many employees, receiving gifts at Christmas from their company is incredibly important, but probably not for the reason you think.

The truth is, employees aren’t wishing for a Christmas gift because they want a new product to flaunt, they’re wishing for a Christmas gift because they want to feel recognised and appreciated by their employer.

Employee recognition is a huge factor in people feeling called to stay at a company or move to another one, so when it comes to retaining your talent, it’s definitely something you need to hone in on and prioritise.

Although employee recognition is something that should be continuously focused on, as the year comes to an end, there’s no better time to show a larger display of recognition than now.

What Should You Get Your Employees For Christmas?

Every single one of us has individual taste, different things make us happy, and unique things bring us joy.

So, we completely get that finding the perfect Christmas gift or reward for your employees isn’t as easy as hopping online and buying the same thing for every single one of your team members.

Shopping for family and friends is hard enough, never mind for a team with individual wants and needs you might not even be aware of.

So, you really can’t go with a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to giving your employees Christmas gifts.

Although some companies prefer to give cash gifts, this can not only sometimes come off as unthoughtful, but it’s unclear what the money will be spent on and it might not actually make a direct impact on the happiness of your employees.

For example, the cash bonus you give your team members could be used in a supermarket shop or simply put into their bank account for daily living expenses. Instead, by investing in employee wellbeing, employees are given the opportunity to enjoy wellbeing support that has long-lasting benefits.

Additionally, for employees, the perception of their employer goes up (even if they haven't received a raise this year). Plus, companies benefit too - teams are made more engaged, productive, happier, and healthier.

Therefore, the perfect solution is to give each of your employees the freedom and autonomy to choose what they want for Christmas.

How can you do that, you ask?

Welcome to the stage: Juno Gift Cards!

Give your employees a Juno Gift Card, preloaded with whatever amount you like, and let them spend on their wellbeing and health (mental and physical)

At Juno, we empower thousands of employees to support their wellbeing all year round to choose benefits that matter most to them, from meditation classes and cooking kits to therapy sessions and self-care products.

This year we're opening up our Gift Card offering to help you give your employees the greatest gift of all.

With the Juno marketplace featuring hundreds of wellbeing-focused products and services, you can let your employees pick and choose exactly what they want this Christmas, taking the stress off you to find individual gifts and putting them in control of their end-of-year reward!

Let your employees choose their own gift this Christmas. Give them a Juno Gift Card.

Just email amber@withjuno.com for your Juno Gift Cards now.

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