Why I Invested in Juno: Sarah Harvey

This week it was announced that Juno raised a round of funding and I’ve been one of the angels involved.

Having scaled teams and helped build businesses like Tough Mudder and Square, I know just how crucial it is to have an inclusive and holistic experience for all employees. I was really excited to have the opportunity to invest in Juno and to help them through their journey to bring more autonomy to workplace benefits.

The Juno platform means we can ensure any company can offer benefits that work for each of their individual employees. Over 5,000 different services, experiences and products are available on the platform, meaning each staff member can use their Juno points to select benefits which are in line with their individual lifestyles and priorities.  

From mental health support to childcare services, fitness apps to food box deliveries - the things that make the biggest difference depends on the person, place and time. By putting the power in our employees’ hands to choose, we can rest assured that the support on offer is genuinely benefiting each individuals’ lives and wellbeing. 

Juno is redefining how employee wellbeing and culture is framed and treated, and as more companies embrace hybrid and remote-first work on a full-time basis, I’m delighted to be helping Ally and the Juno team help more people access better benefits. 

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