Wrapping Up The Year: Founder's Letter

A letter from Juno's Founder:

As 2021 draws to a close, I wanted to write to all of our members around the world to thank them for the support and to highlight some of the year’s successes. Despite the backdrop of a global pandemic, the paradigm shift in the workplace continues to swell. It’s great to see so many people and businesses embrace the changes we are facing: more flexibility, autonomy and open-mindedness in our working lives. 

As for Juno, we’re so glad that this year has shown that our mission of connecting employees to better choices and allowing them to design their own happiness is one that is shared by a community of like-minded businesses. We love that our community continues to grow and that we’re able to serve people around the world.

A truly global movement

This year saw Juno’s movement break boundaries and ignore borders. We started the year with a handful of German members using Juno, followed by some US members and then the floodgates opened. 

Fast forward 10 months and we have employees using Juno in 38 countries and counting, from Lebanon to Canada, Venezuela to Japan. It’s incredible to see how businesses are adapting their benefits and support to ensure a global parity that doesn’t leave anybody out or favour one region over another. 

More than just a marketplace

One of our commitments at Juno is to ensure that our mission serves everybody, and ensures that nobody feels that their wellbeing support is not serving them. After speaking with hundreds of you over the course of the year, we knew we needed to diversify the ways in which you could spend your Juno Points, which drove new features. Almost one fifth of all transactions on Juno are now Juno card purchases or expense requests, showing that there are no boundaries when it comes to employees being able to get their wellbeing looked after. 

Set up for a great 2022

After such a wonderful year, in which we’ve managed to grow at an incredible rate and reach more and more people, we are primed to take 2022 in the same fashion. With a fundraise closing in the coming weeks and months, we hope that this extra funding will allow us to continue to improve and devote our mission to improving the working lives of people around the world. We hope that 2022 sees more progression in the workplace, more adoption of flexibility and autonomy and hopefully an end to the global pandemic and the ill-health that comes with it.

I’m wishing you and your families a great and prosperous new year, see you in 2022!


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