Employee Recognition: 8 Ways You Can Show Recognition To Your Employees

One thing we can know for certain is that people want to be appreciated - not just in their personal lives, but in their work lives too!

With research showing that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated, showing gratitude at work doesn’t just improve the happiness of the employees, but it increases productivity and output too!

Whether you’re in the HR department and you’re trying to boost the morale of team members or you’re a CEO that’s impressed with the team and wants to show them genuine appreciation but you’re unsure how to, this article is here to help! Be sure to download our Workplace Morale Study for further context.

In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly what your company might be lacking when it comes to employee recognition, and share 8 ways you can show appreciation to your team! 

So, get ready, because we’re diving right in - here is your guide to showing employees appreciation in the workplace.

Why Is Employee Recognition So Important?

Everyone wants to feel like they’re doing a great job at work, and everyone wants to be recognised for that! Not only does showing your employees appreciation mean that they will have greater pride in their work and have greater job satisfaction, but showing employees appreciation will actually benefit your company too.

Higher levels of job satisfaction, pride, and happiness at work are all linked to greater productivity, output, and general workplace morale. So, there’s literally no reason not to show appreciation to your employees - it benefits everyone! For further context, download our Workplace Morale Study here.

What Your Company Might Be Doing Wrong It Comes To Showing Employees Appreciation

Although having employee rewards or recognition programmes is definitely a great start, there’s often an underlying issue with these programmes - they can sometimes be used simply to tick boxes or lightly attempt to show appreciation to their employees. 

Don’t panic though - if you are sending generic thank you cards, providing standard and non-personalized rewards, and not being genuine - it’s never too late to improve and we’re here to help.
Follow our steps below and show your employees real appreciation that will provide benefits for them and the company as a whole, now.

Employee Recognition: 8 Ways You Can Show Appreciation To Your Employees

Foster A Positive Workplace Culture

Before you create any type of programme or reward system to show appreciation to your employees, it’s important to create and make effort to continuously maintain an open relationship with team members. 

You can do this by having an open-door policy, allowing flexible working, mental health days, and not only asking your employees how they are, but truly listening to their answers and checking in with them on a regular basis.

Ensuring your workplace is open, honest, and non-judgmental is not only beneficial as it brings everyone closer together, but it’s also important for your employees to feel that you do truly care about them and appreciate them from the start.

Express Only Authentic and Unique Gratitude

Whilst we’re going to take a look at some of the things you can actively do to show appreciation to your employees, it’s incredibly important to acknowledge that every bit of appreciation you show them needs to come from an authentic and unique place. Don’t be generic in appreciation or give appreciation when it’s not truly appreciated! 

This way, when you do show appreciation to your employees, they know it’s real.

Give Your Team Members Time Off

A great way to show appreciation to your team members is by giving them extra time off, alongside the already standing generous holiday allowance you provide, of course!

For example, if someone has gone above and beyond on a project you’ve recently done, why not give them Friday off and let them have a long weekend, or tell them to come in late on Monday?

Show Appreciation For Your Team Member Publicly (If Appropriate)

Although you should always make sure that someone will actually take joy in being appreciated publicly, and ensure that it doesn’t cause any issues with other employees, sometimes showing appreciation to a team member in a public setting can make them feel an even greater sense of satisfaction!

Even if you can’t get together with your employees in real life, you can still publicly show them recognition! What about doing a post on Linkedin? A shoutout on Slack? A story on Instagram? 

Support Your Team Members’ Chosen Charity

A great idea to show appreciation to your employees is by making them all select specific charities or causes that are important to them. Then, when you want to show them appreciation, you can make a donation to their personality charity or cause and even put it in their name!

Provide Flexible, Personalised Employee Benefits 

The best thing you can do to ensure you are showing appreciation to your employees is to provide flexible, personalised benefits. Wellness isn’t standardised, so make sure your employee’s benefits are actually positively impacting them! 

If you’re already using Juno for your team and want to show a little more appreciation to a team member, send them extra Juno Points! 

Ensure That Each and Every Employee is Appreciated

Although appreciation should always be genuine, it is important to appreciate each and every one of your employees - they are all supporting your business and each of them deserves recognition.

Favouritism in the workplace can exist and you should take it seriously to ensure each team member is happy at work! Essentially, make sure everyone is being recognised in their own way.

Ask For Feedback About Your Employee Recognition Programme

Since your communication with your team should be open and honest already, you should have no issue asking your employees for feedback about the appreciation and recognition you show them! 

Feedback on every part of your business is essential, and your team members may even have great ideas about how you can show them appreciation that you may not even have thought about.

You’re All Set To Show Appreciation To Your Employees

By using the tips we’ve given you in this article, and by taking a look at our workplace moral study to learn about what employees truly want and need in the workplace, you should be all set to create a more positive workplace culture for your employees!

Just remember, appreciation is never taken for granted - it’s always worth showing appreciation! 

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