10 Employee Wellbeing Ideas: Why Personalised Employee Benefits Are So Important

It’s no secret that having a happier, healthier, and more productive team is typically a result of supporting a strong employee wellbeing scheme within your organisation.

It’s not said enough, but being responsible for supporting your team’s wellbeing and promoting positive workplace morale is one of the most important and essential jobs to have in any company. So whether you’re in the HR department or the CEO, you’re doing a great job already. But, we’re here to help support you even further - let’s cultivate that positive workplace culture together, now.

Whether you’re in need of employee wellbeing ideas or you want to learn more about why personalised employee benefits are so important, this article is here to help you support your employees in the way they truly want to be.

So, let’s dive in!

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Here are our Top 10 Employee Wellbeing Ideas:

  1. Offer Flexible Working
  2. Provide Education
  3. Show Recognition Regularly
  4. Promote Lunch Breaks
  5. Have A Therapist On Board
  6. Provide Wellness Tools
  7. Help Your Team Bond
  8. Create A Happy Physical Workplace
  9. Promote Work-Life Balance
  10. Offer Extended Holiday

Offer Flexible Working

Supporting flexible working can help your employees to work when and where it actually suits them, allowing them to be productive when it works best for them and balance their responsibilities.

Provide Education

Whether it's education about mental health, finance, fitness, or specific careers, educating your employees can support them to not only grow, but feel more self-confident and fulfilled.

Show Recognition Regularly

69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were more appreciated. So, maintain an authentic and open conversation with your team, recognise and share their efforts and say thank you regularly.

Find out more about how to reward your employees here.

Promote Lunch Breaks

Actively supporting your employees to reclaim their lunch breaks, step outside, fuel themselves with real nutritional food, and get away from their desks is a simple yet effective wellbeing idea.

Have A Therapist On Board

Supplying your employees with a safe, trusted, third-party mental health professional is a fantastic way to support their wellbeing in a mental capacity.

Provide Wellness Tools

Whether you want to support your employee's physical health by hosting exercise sessions or you want to encourage water by getting your team branded water bottles, make sure you're providing tools associated with your wellness ideas.

Help Your Team Bond

People can make great, impactful relationships at work. So, help your team bond by hosting (voluntary, so no one feels pressured!) events, lunches, and socials.

Create a Happy Physical Workspace

A productive, calm, clean environment does wonders for the mind. So, make sure your workplace is tidy and has ergonomic furniture, and natural lighting, and add a few plants too!

Promote Work-Life Balance

Burnout regularly stems from a non-existent or poorly maintained work-life balance. So, support your employees to value their time outside of work, make sure they're logging off after work hours, and don't expect communication after the workday has ended.

Offer Extended Holiday

Whether you increase the number of days off you give your team, you provide mental health days with no question, or you give unlimited time off, a wonderful wellbeing idea is to allow your employees more time off.

Why Is Employee Wellbeing So Important?

Employee wellbeing is incredibly important, both for your employees and your business! So, let’s take a look at both of these in more depth.

Why Employee Wellbeing Is Important For Employees

Research has shown that on average, people in the UK spend around one-third of their lives at work. Clearly, people want to spend this time well and therefore aim to work in jobs that not only bring them joy but in workplaces that actually support their happiness and overall wellbeing.

So, there’s no wondering why the majority of people now actively looking to work for companies that support their wellbeing, whether through benefits or otherwise. 

It’s not just all talk either - in our Employee Happiness Study, 58% of respondents said that a better work-life balance or workplace culture, improved access to benefits (i.e. childcare, healthcare) and access to wellness tools were the factors behind why they may seek a job at a rival company other than their own.

Wellness isn’t just a buzzword - it’s incredibly important to people, and it’s important to realise this in order to support your employees in the best way possible.

Download our Employee Happiness Study now to see more of our findings of what employees really want from their workplaces.

Why Employee Wellbeing Is Important For Your Company

Focusing on employee wellbeing is vital to your business’s success since when employees feel like their wellbeing is being supported, their productivity increases, they become more loyal and want to continue working at the company, and the overall morale in the workplace improves!

Focusing on employee wellbeing isn’t just important for your current team - it ensures that you attract the highest quality talent to your team if you’re looking for new employees like our Employee Happiness Study found that 30% of white-collar bosses currently are!

Studies have shown that the productivity of employees increases by 20% when they’re happy. So, make your employees happier and you will see the output in your company increase. It’s win-win!

Why Are Personalised Employee Benefits So Important?

Whilst the concept of employee benefits have been around for a while and studies show that more than 71% of companies offer benefits, personalised benefits are actually the real key when it comes to providing employees with real wellbeing support.

Standard employee benefits may not actually provide people with benefits that improve their lives since everyone is unique, has individual needs, and wellness is not standardised.

For example, someone that is wholly not interested in yoga is not going to benefit from a weekly yoga class in the office. Instead, they may be someone who would benefit from mental health support or financial wellbeing classes. However, with standard benefits, they’re unable to choose!

Many employees are missing out on getting real support from traditional benefits.

So, the solution is to provide personalised employee benefits. With personalised employee benefits, employees are allowed and supported to make active decisions and choose how their benefits support themselves as individuals and their unique lives.

Personalised employee benefits are non-negotiable when it comes to providing real support to your team!

Learn more about each of these in our Employee Wellbeing Ideas Guide (Free To Download, Save, and Share!)


Supporting employee wellbeing is incredibly important and by using our free guide you can be on your way to creating a positive workplace culture and supporting your employees in a way that in a genuine and personalised way.

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