5 Innovative Wellbeing Strategies To Improve Employee Performance

Employees are the life force that pushes your company forwards - if your employees are happy, healthy, and engaged with their roles, that’s not only good news for them, but for your company too!

Regardless of high set goals, targets, and intentions, the progress and productivity of an entire organisation depend on the performance of individuals within the company: employee performance. Therefore, clearly, it’s not only something that needs to be focused on, but it also needs to be supported in the most effective way possible!

What if we told you there are a few simple ways that you can improve employee performance whilst also supporting the mental health and overarching wellbeing of your employees? Yes: a win-win.

So, let’s dive in and start improving employee performance, together.

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What Is Employee Performance and Why Is It Important?

Before we tell you exactly which wellbeing strategies you can use to improve employee performance, let’s take a look at exactly why employee performance is so important, both for your employees and for your company.

Why Employee Performance Is Important For Employees

People truly do want to derive satisfaction from their jobs and feel as if they are good at what they do. Not only that, but people want to feel as if they are actually making a difference within a company.

Therefore, their performance is important to them. 

When people are performing well at work, they feel more accomplished and this feeling alone improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

Of course, employee recognition is just as important as employee performance, but for a lot of people, just knowing that they are performing well at their job can support their mental health.

Why Employee Performance Is Important For Your Company

As we mentioned previously, your employees are the life force of your company! If your employees are performing well, the company is much more likely to operate at a higher capacity and flourish. 

However, if your employees aren’t performing well, several issues, including reduced output for the entire company, are much more likely to occur.

Therefore, supporting employee performance in your company is absolutely essential if your company is to achieve everything that it hopes to.

Why Are Employee Wellbeing Strategies So Powerful At Improving Employee Performance?

Whilst doing regular employee performance check-ins or using goal trackers may work to a certain degree to improve employee performance, issues such as presenteeism may occur with these strategies: employees may seek to look more productive in the hopes of being seen to be performing well. 

Presenteeism doesn’t equal performance. In fact, it hinders real performance. 

However, there is a better approach to take! Employee wellbeing strategies help to support every aspect of wellbeing for your team members, and with research showing that productivity increases by 20% when employees are happier, employee performance is almost guaranteed to improve when you start focusing on wellbeing!

So, why not take a look at the 5 innovative employee performance-boosting strategies we’ve decided to share with you below and start implementing them in your workplace?

5 Innovative Employee Wellbeing Strategies To Improve Employee Performance

Support Personal Goals and Education

Aside from setting goals and targets for individuals in specific departments of your company, ask what individual goals your employees have and support them with their development path! 

Whether an employee has a goal of being part of a specific project and you pair them with someone from that team to discuss know-how, or an employee wants to educate themselves on a topic that would be beneficial for your company and you support their means of education (literally or with flexible-working, etc), make sure you are supporting individual development as well as company-wide development.

Provide Wellbeing Incentives

Whether you send an employee away for a weekend retreat because of their outstanding hard work on a project, or you give an employee a yoga class pass to say thank you for their consistently high performance at work, make sure you are providing your employees with wellbeing incentives.

Wellbeing incentives are a great idea to not only promote wellness within your team, but to boost employee performance either in the short or long run. Just make sure you’re transparent about what you’re incentivising and why!

Additionally, make sure the incentive you’re providing someone with is genuinely beneficial to them - otherwise, you’re not actually benefitting their life.

Here at Juno, we provide flexible, personalised employee wellbeing benefits that give your employees the opportunity to support their wellbeing in a way that suits them!

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Offer Flexible Working

Although some may assume that offering flexible working may reduce employee performance, this really isn’t the case. In fact, it’s the opposite!

Research has shown that in the UK, 65% of workers said they would be more productive in a home office than in a normal office. So, if you’re still asking your employees to come into the office every day for a certain number of hours, it may be time to rethink that plan.

Offering flexible working doesn’t just allow employees to work and be more productive at the times that work for them, but it reduces the likelihood of “lost time” in the office (standing around the coffee machine chatting).

Promote A Connected Team With Wellness Activities

A group art session or team hike might not be for everyone in your team (and that’s OK), providing wellbeing activities that allow employees to get to know each other better and strengthen the team connection as a whole can be incredibly useful when it comes to improving employee performance.

Employees are not only going to benefit from the improvement in physical and mental wellbeing after wellness activities, but they are also much more likely to work better as a team and have the ability to pull together to get work done and achieve company goals. 

This wellbeing strategy is both beneficial for individuals within your team and the team as a whole!

Provide Comprehensive and Personalised Employee Benefits

One of the most powerful strategies to improve employee performance is providing your team with comprehensive and personalised employee benefits. 

Personalised employee benefits give consistent wellbeing support to your team members, whilst also supporting them to be less stressed, more connected to themselves and their roles, and more productive! 

Providing personalised benefits to your team also ensures that you are truly giving them what they want - the opportunity to support themselves, their wellbeing, and their performance at work in the most individual and impactful way possible.


That’s it - you are all set to start improving employee performance in your workplace and support a positive workplace culture at the same time too by promoting wellbeing! 

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