Even Better Benefits For Your Team: Why Upgrade To Premium Plan?

Here at Juno, we’re proud to offer a completely flexible way of providing benefits to your entire team, wherever they might be and with whatever budget you have in mind.

We’re dedicated to providing HR managers and Heads of People with the easiest, quickest and most hassle-free processes when it comes to giving teams the employee benefits they deserve.

Whilst our Standard Plan provides employees with impactful, autonomous benefits that help them to support their wellbeing, our Premium Plan provides HR managers and Heads of People with a wide range of features that can help them not only manage, track, and assess the benefits they’re providing, but also makes the entire process more simple in the first place.

Why Is The Premium Plan So Beneficial For HR Managers and Heads of People?

We know that looking after the health and happiness of your team is your top priority and you spend a lot of time doing it. This is why these new features are built with HR Managers in mind.

Whilst Juno makes providing your team with employee benefits easy, regardless of which plan you choose to use, the Premium Plan takes it to another level and is especially beneficial for those with mid-size teams: onboard your team faster, manage all benefits under one roof, reduce admin time and keep perfect track of your budget spend and your team’s engagement.

How do the Premium Plan features do this? Let’s take a look!

What Is Included In The Premium Plan?

Everything that’s included in the Standard Plan is available in the Premium Plan.

However, on a Premium Plan, we also provide you with these additional features:

  • HRIS Integration
  • Connect Core Benefits
  • Rewards And Bonuses For Colleagues (+ Birthday Points Robot)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Fee-Free Reimbursements
  • Bespoke Engagement Reporting And Internal Communication Support
  • Multiple Budgets And Allowances (Coming Soon)

HRIS Integrations

You can integrate the HRIS platforms you use into your team dashboard meaning you can say goodbye to having to manually add your team members onto Juno and can quickly onboard, manage, and provide your team with the benefits they need in the most efficient way.

We currently support integrations with BambooHR, Charlie and Hibob.

However, if you use an alternate HRIS platform, you can just let us know and we will prioritise adding this integration too.

Connect Your Core Benefits

Manage and display all of your benefits in one place with the Core Benefits feature on the Premium Plan. You can easily connect the benefits you offer from other providers to Juno and create an overview of all the benefits you provide for your employees to see and utilise.

All of the benefits offered by your company can be added to Juno. For example, if you offer a pension, insurance, work-from-home allowance, or cycle-to-work scheme, you can add these benefits to this section with the click of a button.

This will not only improve awareness and engagement with the benefits you provide throughout your team, but it also allows you to manage all of your employee benefits in one place.

Rewards And Bonuses For Colleagues (+ Birthday Points Robot)

Showing your employees recognition means that they will have greater pride in their work, job satisfaction, and productivity levels.

You can reward and send bonuses to team members you want to recognise on the Premium Plan. Since these bonuses are in the form of Juno Points, you can feel confident they’re going to use this reward in a positive way, to support their health and wellbeing.

As an extra bonus, our new Birthday Points Robot provides a super easy and meaningful way to celebrate employees by allowing team members to gift Juno Points to those with birthdays, thanks to our automatic Birthday Points Robot.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager (one of our Employee Wellbeing Experts) to help you with any queries or support needs.

They will accompany you every step of the way throughout your experience on Juno, from onboarding sessions to regular check-ins.

Fee-Free Reimbursements

*(a small fee is applied in the Standard Plan)

Employees can submit receipts from past wellbeing purchases in exchange for Juno Points using the Reimbursements feature, meaning their wellbeing can be as personalised as they like.

Whilst this feature is available on the Standard Plan, teams on the Premium Plan benefit from having no fees.

Bespoke Engagement Reporting And Internal Communication Support

Analysing the data of your team’s engagement and usage of employee benefits is important and here at Juno we understand that you want to see how your team is using the platform.

So, on the Premium Plan, we provide you with a detailed report on your team's engagement and interests straight to your inbox.

We’re gathering the data so you don’t have to!

Multiple Budgets And Allowances (Coming Soon)

We understand that you may want to allow budgets and allowances for different team members. Therefore, very soon, on the Premium Plan, we will be providing you with the ability to set multiple budgets on Juno. Flexibility really is the name of the game for us!

Ready To Go Premium?

Are you ready to take the step to ensure that your employee benefits are as impactful, yet hassle-free for you, as possible?

If you’re already an existing team in the Junoverse, reach out to your Account Manager today.

If you’re wanting to give your team the benefits they truly deserve, onboard your team to Juno, speak to one of our Employee Wellbeing Experts now.

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