Into The Junoverse: B-Corp Certified Clients That Use Juno To Support Their Team’s Wellbeing

B Corp certification is a designation given to for-profit companies that meet certain standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

To become certified, a company must meet certain performance requirements in areas such as workers' rights, environmental impact, and community involvement, and must also amend its legal governing documents to consider the impact of its decisions on stakeholders in addition to shareholders.

We’re incredibly proud to be the platform that B-corp certified companies can support their team’s health and wellbeing through.

Why is employee wellbeing a key part of being a B-Corp Certification?

Employee wellbeing is an important aspect of a B Corp certification because it is one of the key criteria that B Lab uses to evaluate a company's overall social and environmental performance.

A company that prioritises the wellbeing of its employees is more likely to have a positive impact on its workers, their families, and the wider community.

Promoting employee wellbeing can lead to a number of benefits for both the employees and the company. As we all know, employees who are happy and healthy are more likely to be productive and engaged, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Additionally, companies that prioritise employee wellbeing also tend to have a more positive impact on their local communities. When employees feel valued and respected, they are more likely to be active and engaged citizens, which can lead to stronger communities overall.

In summary, B Corp certification takes into account a company's overall impact on society and the environment, and promoting employee wellbeing is a key aspect of this, which is why it is an important criterion for B Corp certification.

5 B-Corp Certified Companies That Use Juno To Prioritise The Wellbeing of Their Teams


Sawday’s represents a carefully curated collection of holiday cottages and self-catering places, from barn conversions and bothies to townhouses and towers across the UK and Europe. Their mission is to bring together people and places of spirit and character for meaningful experiences.

Sawdays B-corp certification:

Sawdays was certified in November 2019 and is the Highest Scoring Travel B-Corp in the world.

Sawday's earned an overall score of 122.3. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.

Jubel Beer

Jubel Beer is a UK-based beer brand that produces sustainable beers with fruity twists. Launched in 2018, Jubel Beer stocks it products in supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and sells online.

The company focuses on producing beers of the highest quality whilst focusing on sustainability, wellbeing, inclusivity, and creativity.  

Jubel Beer B-corp certification:

Jubel Beer was certified in March 2022.

Based on the B Impact assessment, Jubel Beer earned an overall score of 81.2. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.


Ecologi is a platform that helps individuals, families and businesses become more environmentally friendly and climate positive, by offering the opportunity to reducing carbon footprint through the funding of quality climate solutions.

Ecologi is now considered a market leader having funded the planting of over 25 million trees and offset nearly 950,000 tonnes of CO2e.

Ecologi B-corp certification:

Based on the B Impact assessment, Ecologi earned an overall score of 123.7. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.

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Born Social

Born Social is a B-corp certified global social media agency that brings social-first thinking to the brands of tomorrow.‍

The agency has worked with the likes of Wagamama and Garnier and continues to help businesses push forward in the world of social.

In 2022, the agency became part of the Croud Group, bringing Brand & Performance closer together for clients, growing globally into new markets, and scaling operations.

Born Social B-corp certification:

Based on the B Impact assessment, Born Social Limited earned an overall score of 86.9. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.

Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm is a purpose-led, employee-owned, creative agency that believes in the power of creativity to positively transform businesses, lives and society.

The agency is founded on the concept of “creativity with purpose” and has worked with the likes of Haribo, Yakult, and the Women’s Equality Party.

Additionally, Quiet Storm also has a non-profit organisation, Create Not Hate, that aims to combat systemic racism and get underrepresented young people into the creative industry.

Quiet Storm B-corp certification:

Quiet Storm was certified in August 2022.

Based on the B Impact assessment, Quiet Storm Ltd earned an overall score of 115.9. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.

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‍We’re so excited to be supporting these B-corp-certified companies in their mission to be the most impactful out there. Are you ready to pave the way in the world of work, like these companies are, by putting the wellbeing and mental health of your team first?

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