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Through Juno, your team has access to a marketplace of 500+ wellbeing products and services to choose from.

Mental health providers
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Nutritional and physical health products
Learning and development courses
Work from home allowance
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Support your wellbeing local or in-person purchases and expense it with Juno Points. No admin hassle, no receipt reconciliation, everything is managed through Juno.

Juno Card
Truly Flexible Features

Virtual Juno Card

We  support your team to use their wellbeing allowance in any way that suits them, no matter where they are, with our Virtual Juno Card. We've got your global team covered!

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Employees choose what they really need for their wellbeing

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True flexibility

More than one way to use their wellbeing allowance

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Localised support

Employees can use Juno wherever they go

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Engaged teams

Exciting reward system to keep teams engaged

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By giving everybody their own budget to spend on the Juno platform, and putting them in charge, companies don’t waste time and money on unused benefits.

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Frequently asked questions

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How can we be sure that members are using their allowances for wellbeing?
The Juno Flex Card is restricted to certain categories to prevent members from misusing their allowances. You can also enable receipts to be uploaded by members. Reimbursements are reviewed and approved by the Juno team before they are paid out.
Can members use their own therapists, trainers, nutritionist etc?
Yes, through the Juno Flex Card® or Expenses feature
Do Juno Points® have an expiration date?
No! Unlike other providers, Juno Points® do not expire and can be carried over as long as you like!
Do you offer local gyms and health locations around the world?
Juno members can use their allowances no matter their location!
Can we integrate our existing core benefits?
Yes, in just a few clicks you can bring all your existing core benefits (like healthcare, dental insurance, pensions etc) over to Juno using our Core Benefits feature
Can a member use Juno Points ® for an existing subscription like the gym?
Yes, either through the Juno Flex Card® or by submitting an Expense.
Is it cheaper to go through Juno than to go direct through the retailer?
Juno has a network of partners who offer exclusive discounts to Juno users, or where you can earn rewards.
Is Juno taxable?
They say there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Juno will help your employees live long and happy lives but in most instances, like most employee benefits, are taxable. In the UK, Juno is treated as a Benefit-in-Kind, but there are exemptions in many countries so be sure to check with your local payroll.
Is Juno global?
Unlike many providers who claim to be global, Juno really is. Employees from all over the world can benefit from our global marketplace, international visa cards, and multi-currency expenses.
Does Juno offer analytics for admins?
Of course! Admins can see anonymised usage data, most popular experiences, top categories, engagement rate, and more.
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Flexibility at its finest

Empower your people by giving them the autonomy and resources to support their wellbeing, both inside and outside of work.

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Goodbye wasted time, hello hassle-free wellbeing

No more endless admin or wasted wellbeing budgets. With Juno, you and your team are taken care of, hassle-free.

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“While traditional benefits are usually geared towards healthcare and pension plans, Juno's expanded the services it offers to encompass learning and development outside of the workplace”
"A new breed of “bespoke” benefits companies, such as Juno will develop packages for employers who want to offer non-traditional perks including meditative gong baths and house cleaning"
"A flexible benefits plan allows employees to choose their benefits based on their own individual needs"

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