Running Remote

Juno works for your remote team

Juno is pleased to be attending Running Remote May 2022.

Our mission is to inspire healthier workplaces by connecting employees to better wellbeing opportunities. We are proud of the work we’re doing with remote teams with customers such as Oyster HR, Brightpearl, Paddle and Bolt.

We are offering all Running Remote attendees 15 Juno Points when you sign-up for a free account on Juno.

Plus, if you successfully refer us to your HR team, you get an extra 200 Juno Points. Your company will receive 1 month fee-free and 10% off the first month’s team allowance!

Get your free Juno Points

Offer is valid for both physical and virtual conference guests.
The 15 Juno points must be spent within 30 days of receiving them.
A successful referral is defined as a company signing up to a paid Juno plan and completing at least 2 months.
Details of Terms and Conditions are outlined in the sign up email.

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40 countries, 200+ cities

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South Africa
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
How Juno helps the business

With Juno, not only is your team's wellbeing looked after, but your budget and time too!

One invoice and minimal admin
Pay only for what your team wants
Support your team wherever they are
Keep up with your team's engagement score
Benefit from exclusive HRIS partners and integrations
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