Discover Juno in a nutshell
The flexible benefits platform for diverse teams
Juno's platform gives all your employees flexible access to meaningful benefits in one place
Our platform in a nutshell
We’ve spent years developing the most flexible, inclusive and unique platform to break the endless cycle of useless benefits. Put the power of limitless flexibility in your team's hands and watch engagement soar!
Use your very own VISA card.
The Juno Flex Card® gives employees limitless flexibility to spend Juno Points® online and in person on the things that matter to them!
Trip to Bristol
Co-working space
Video conferencing
Expenses without hassle.
If your team spent using their own funds, they can submit receipts and we'll review them for you! If approved, they’ll receive the cash within days.
Oyster card
HTML course
Create separate Pots.
Give employees specific allowances for things like learning and development, working from home, travel etc. Gather receipts and manage approvals.
Homemade, organic baby food delivery
All-natural and sustainable vitamins
Hypnotherapy app to improve your sleep
Cirque du Soleil
Contemporary live circus performances
Arsenal v Fulham
Tickets to the game for you and a friend
Juno's local marketplace.
Employees can spend Juno Points® with Juno's range of partners, accessing exclusive discounts and earning rewards.
Tom smashed every single target this month!!! 🥳 What can we get him to celebrate?
A card and bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne is arriving tomorrow 🥂
Rewards and recognition.
Show your team how much you appreciate them. Send them Juno Points® automatically on their birthday, or to reward them for a job well done.
All-in-one core benefits.
Already offer healthcare, dental insurance or pensions? Remove admin hassle by bringing them onto Juno in just a few clicks.
Delivering meaningful benefits to employees in over 70 countries
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Somebody in Chicago
Juno member since 2018
"I used my Juno Points to go skydiving for the first time!"
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Your monthly wellbeing allowance, distributed as Juno Points®
Set a monthly Juno allowance per employee, giving your team the freedom to choose how they spend it resulting in a happier workforce. Plus, no more wasted benefits.
Each month you
get Juno Points ®
1 Juno Point = £0.50/€0.58/$0.70
You can spend them
Use Juno Points ® on the things that truly matter to you as an individual. Juno gives employees limitless flexibility and supports each user as an individual.
You can send themFeeling generous? Gift employees Juno Points® for birthdays, anniversaries, milestones or achievements!
You can save themUnlike other providers out there, Juno Points® don't expire, so you can save them up for as long as you like to treat yourself when you need it most!
Junoversity 🎓
Make the most of your Juno Points by exploring how the platform can maximise your wellbeing and lifestyle
An introduction to Juno
Juno for learning and development
Juno for your lifestyle
Juno for physical wellbeing
Juno for mental health
Juno for financial wellbeing
Looking to optimise your budget? Juno can help you save thousands.
Provide your employees with the ability to pick and choose the most relevant products, services and events — via one centralised platform
72% of employees don’t use health insurance according to a 2018 survey by the National Business Group on Health. Let your team choose what is most important to them!
Discounted gym passes & in-office-yoga aren’t for everyone. Stop paying for unused membership or classes and start providing meaningful benefits.
Uninspiring vouchers get forgotten about or expire. Celebrate team and individual achievements with tangible, unique rewards.
Life without Juno
Incredibly, 75% of businesses use outdated methods to motivate their teams. The result? Valuable time and money wasted. The worst part — employees don’t even feel the benefit.
Lack of engagement
Your employees have varying needs that don’t fit a one-size-fits-all model
Reverse effect on productivity
and moraleSpending funds on programmes that don't speak to individuals can actually demotivate employees!
Features and Pricing
Prices start from £4 per user, per month for medium and large teams.
Rolling contracts and PAYG options are also available.
Juno's Platform
Juno Virtual Flex Card ®
Use a virtual Visa card to spend Juno Points ® on any product from any retailer on the Internet
Let your team expense local and offline purchases such as gym memberships, childcare and courses
Global wellbeing marketplace
1000s of hand-picked brands, products and experiences to empower your team's wellbeing, available worldwide
Events and experiences
Use your Juno Points to purchase tickets for 10,000+ events and experiences, including concerts, sport games, live shows and more
Juno Physical Flex Card ®
Upon request
Use a physical Visa card to spend Juno Points ® on any product from any in-person retailer
Single sign on
Employees can sign in using their Google account
View and analyse usage, engagement and wellbeing data across your team
Dedicated account manager
One of our Employee Wellbeing Experts will be on hand to help you with any queries or support needs
Rewards & Recognition
Managers can reward Juno Points ®
Easily recognise a team member's hard work by gifting them Juno Points ® that they can spend on their wellbeing
Colleagues can gift Juno Points ®
When somebody has gone out of their way to do something for you, gifting them Juno Points ® is an easy but impactful way to recognise them
Automatic birthday points
You can optionally choose to automatically gift your employees Juno Points ® on their birthdays
Multiple Budgets
Learning and development budget
Set up and allocate a learning and development budget, then manage and track how the budget is spent
Work from home budget
Set up and allocate a work from home budget, then manage and track how the budget is spent
Travel to work budget
Set up and allocate a travel to work budget, then manage and track how the budget is spent
Social activities budget
Set up and allocate a social activities budget, then manage and track how the budget is spent
Unlimited custom budgets
Want to set up and allocate a budget that isn't mentioned above? No problem, you can easily add your own.
Don't take our word for it
See how Juno is used by our members and clients!
Lingraj took his daughter on her first holidayMemories like these are ones that will last a lifetime—made possible with Juno Points ®Read story
Denis spent his Sunday afternoon skydivingJumping out of a plane totally redefines "employee wellbeing"
Read story
Iryna fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a DJHer employer made her dream a reality without lifting a finger
Read story
“Juno continues to provide flexibility for people to seek enjoyment”
Read their story
“Juno is a great platform and they are completely aligned with our values and views on work-life balance”
Read their story
“Juno changed the game for us. We hear our team discussing how they’re going to support their wellbeing, which I love!”
Read their story
“It’s an absolute treat for us all every month. We use our points in many different ways - from fitness classes and facials”
Read their story
“When the team are proactively sharing with us the gratefulness and excitement for Juno and what it has unlocked for them, that investment in themselves — it’s quite special.”
Rory Sadler
CEO of Trumpet
Questions? Answers.
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How can we be sure that members are using their allowances for wellbeing?
Can members use their own therapists, trainers, nutritionist etc?
Do Juno Points® have an expiration date?
Do you offer local gyms and health locations around the world?
Can we integrate our existing core benefits?
Can a member use Juno Points ® for an existing subscription like the gym?
Is it cheaper to go through Juno than to go direct through the retailer?
Is Juno taxable?
Is Juno global?
Does Juno offer analytics for admins?
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