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The all-in-one, global employee benefits platform
Flexible, inclusive and socially conscious workplace benefits designed for remote teams
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Loved by companies who care for their employees
Did you know that 76% of your people are silently struggling?
These silent struggles not only affect the mental and physical health of your employees but also have a direct impact on productivity, job satisfaction and overall company performance
Think of Juno Points ® as your global wellbeing currency
Set a monthly Juno allowance per employee, giving your team the freedom to choose how they spend it resulting in a happier workforce. Plus, no more wasted benefits.
Each month you
get Juno Points ®
You choose a custom allowance for your employees
You can spend them
Use Juno Points ® on things like therapy, spa treatments, pottery classes and so much more
You can send themFeeling generous? Gift colleagues Juno Points ® for birthdays, anniversaries or milestones
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The power of choice. 10,000+ ways to transform your life.
You have to see it to believe it
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The most flexible employee
benefits platform
Juno delivers flexible, personalised, inclusive, and borderless benefits designed to meet every team member’s needs. It's no surprise our member satisfaction is second to none.
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More than a tool — Juno is a daily essential in our members' lifestyles
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We’re the secret weapon for attracting and retaining world-class talent
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Satisfied? That's an understatement. Our clients are truly delighted by Juno.
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Changing employees' lives in more than 70 countries
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Somebody in Chicago
Juno member since 2018
"I used my Juno Points to go skydiving for the first time!"
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Join the movement of conscientious living
Embrace the Juno lifestyle, and be part of a community dedicated to nurturing healthier habits, mindful decisions, and more fulfilling lifestyles — every single day.
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Loved by companies who deeply care for their people
But don't just take it from us...
Tony Jamous
Founder & CEO, Oyster
Juno provides flexibility for people to seek enjoyment. By putting the power in our employees' hands to choose, we can rest assured that the support on offer is genuinely benefiting each individual's lives and wellbeing.
Jamie Ray
Founder & CEO, Buttermilk
Juno is a revelation for us. They've helped us keep our staff productive and engaged, and saved us a ton of money and time. We were eager to show we were a caring company and now we're closer than ever to that mission.
Dan Murray-Serter
Founder & CEO, Heights
Juno changed the game here for us and we hear of our team discussing what they can do and what they’re going to support their wellbeing with, which I love!
Richard Utting
Head of Operations, ClickMechanic
The team's been loving Juno! It’s greatly helped centralise our existing employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives. Juno provides members with a variety of flexible options and has helped incentivise team-building activities.
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