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All-in-one employee benefits from £24/month pp.

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Life’s changed, and our expectations of work have changed with it. Empower your people by giving them the tools to be their best selves - inside and outside of work.

Juno connects employees to hundreds of globally available products, services and experiences all aimed at improving their wellbeing.

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All-in-one employee benefits from £24/month pp.
You pay a subscription and your employees get monthly Juno Points.

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500+ curated experiences

Whether you want to up-skill with digital courses, need day-to-day help, or support for your mental health and wellbeing, it’s all on Juno and provided by some of the best brands in the world.

available worldwide

People first. Remote first.

Wherever your team may be, Juno is able to efficiently secure a flexible network of local providers that will cater to all their needs.

28 cities, 16 countries and counting..

London / Bath / Bristol / Manchester / Dublin / Sunderland / Newcastle / Amsterdam / Chennai / Bangalore / Helsinki / Riga / Berlin / Milan / Rome / Dubai  / Edinburgh / Washington DC / Mexico City / Lagos / Cape Town / Charlotte, NC / Munich / San Francisco / Kuala Lumpur / Golden, British Colombia

Juno's impact on the community

jamie ray
Co-Founder, Buttermilk

"Juno is a revelation for us. We used to spend a lot of time and money on activities that weren’t being used by our staff. Juno’s helped us keep our staff productive and engaged and it’s saved us a ton of money and time. We were eager to show we were a caring company and now we’re closer than ever to that mission."

Alex van Klaveren
CEO, Kandidate

"Given the difficult times we are all experiencing combined with the shift to a remote first set up. I wanted to have something in place that would engage and support everyone on the team. The problem I faced is everyone is different and I ran the risk of not being able to please everyone. With Juno it was clear that they understood employee support on a deeper level and by exposing my staff to a curated set of experiences and services and giving the team choice to decide what works best for them I would achieve the profound impact I was looking for."

Caroline Matthews
Co-Founder and MD, Koto

"It is paramount for businesses to invest in and take care of their employees, Juno is helping Koto do just this.  Great friendly service that makes everyone feel important."

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