Stuart's pledge:
employee wellbeing
Stuart has signed Juno's employee wellbeing pledge, demonstrating their commitment to their employees' physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as promoting work-life balance and fostering a culture of openness, respect and inclusivity.
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Stuart is committed to:
A sustainable work-life balance
Professional development and growth
Supporting physical and mental health
Rewarding contributions and achievements
Fostering a culture of openness, trust and respect
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What this means for employees
Benefits ✨
• £35 Juno wellbeing allowance per employee per month
• 30-day "Work from abroad" policy
• Stuart Academy, a complete set of development trainings from early career to senior management
• Unlimited access to thousands of online courses through Udemy
Culture 🥰
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion intiatives to strengthen & celebrate our community
• Mental Health First Aiders program for assistance & support
• Flexible hours to promote good work/life balance
• Enjoy frequent company events, team building activities and after hour socials
Flexibility 🗺️
• Work-life balance
• Annual offsite to connect with colleagues
• Funding available to request external training & invite guest speakers
• Clear career growth frameworks to guide advancement & internal promotion
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What Juno thinks...
"Working with Stuart has been an absolute joy. They have a strong focus on innovation and constantly strive for improvement. In addition, their dedication to the wellbeing of their team is evident in the positive and supportive company culture they have cultivated. It's a pleasure to be a part of such a forward-thinking and supportive organisation."
Amber Ellis
Employee Wellbeing Expert
Make the employee wellbeing pledge. With our customers, we want to build a better future for all employees around the world. That means a world of equality, equity and fairness.

On our honour, we at Stuart hereby pledge to break the cycle of crappy benefits. By joining Juno, we agree that:
We believe wellbeing isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’
We treat benefits and rewards as more than just a box to tick
We cherish the differences of all of our teammates
We empower our teammates to make their own decisions at work
Through our pledge, we commit to building a better future for workers everywhere.
The Juno Employee Wellbeing Pledge
Great companies choose Juno to support their employees.

Through our global employee wellbeing marketplace, Juno helps companies like Stuart prioritise the mental and physical health of their team. Our comprehensive marketplace features a range of services, including fitness and wellness programs, mental health support, and work-life balance resources.

By choosing Juno, you can demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of your employees and create a positive, supportive work environment. Join the ranks of great companies that trust Juno to support their teams.
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