Plant-based wellbeing, our partnership with Pollen + Grace

In partnership with Pollen+Grace, we wanted to show you how a plant-based diet can help combat the mental struggles of today. The connection between healthy eating and good mental health has been discussed today almost ad nauseam. That’s not to belittle the studies that show this, we wholeheartedly support those doing the invaluable research into gut health to show how important it is to our emotional wellbeing.

We want to talk to you about how your choice to eat a more plant-based diet can help to combat ecological grief. Ecological what? We aren’t talking about mourning that pretty flower you may have stepped on during your walk but rather the psychological response to nature and the climate emergency. Anxiety about an anticipated future of ecological loss is rife and nature’s ability to help our bodies and minds reset is invaluable. We all might feel a bit helpless at times when it comes to fighting climate change, all trying our best to recycle and use public transport, but when the majority of action needs to happen in politics and legislation it can feel pretty out of our control.

Agricultural food production emits 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, occupies 40% of the earth’s land and accounts for 70% of the world’s fresh-water withdrawals. Of these greenhouse gas emissions over half are produced by animal products. Rates of depression are higher in areas with higher air pollution, while greenhouse gas emissions in dairy beef farming are 36 times higher than that of our humble friend the pea. Peas also take up six times less land use than dairy beef farming, if we were to move towards a more plant-based diet then some of this land could revert back to woodland, increasing oxygen production. Our mental health is undoubtedly linked to the environment that we live in; if your house is on fire, your mental health probably is too.

Pollen+Grace create simple and delicious plant-based food that mean changing your diet is now easier than ever. That isn’t to say you should never look at a chicken fillet ever again, that may not be realistic for everyone. We understand that changing your entire diet overnight may not be realistic but making semi-regular changes can make you feel better about your impact while also tasting good!

Our mission, together with Pollen+Grace, is to show the world that wellbeing is so much more than just belly breaths and lunges. It’s about every aspect of our life, ensuring that we look after our planet is linked to looking after ourselves. 

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